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How Blockchain Technology Could Impact the Automotive Industry

blockchain technology automotive industry

Blockchain technology’s ability to impact a wide variety of industries has long since been documented in the years since its inception in 2009. Currently, corporations like Walmart are investigating blockchain as a solution to promote food health safety. The Canadian government is piloting blockchain as a way to promote government transparency with NRC grants, and […]

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3 Benefits of Hiring a Blockchain Development Company

blockchain development company

With blockchain solidifying itself as an important technological tool for the disruption of entire industries, blockchain development companies are launching on the backbone of this new movement. Even in industries where you might not expect blockchain to play an important role, new initiatives are constantly discovering ways that blockchain technology and decentralized applications can help […]

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Blockchain Developer Coding Languages

blockchain developer coding languages

With blockchain technology’s newfound popularity across the world, many aspiring developers are interested in getting a foothold in this new industry. Blockchain technology first served as the basis for digital currencies like Bitcoin, but now has many applications for industries like real estate, healthcare, the music industry, and many others. Since blockchain technology is still […]

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How Blockchain Could Impact the Hiring Process

Recruitment is more than just a tedious process, it’s the backbone of almost every single industry. Matching candidates with the jobs they’re suited for is an issue across the globe, and it costs employers while creating a situation where it is extremely difficult for many to find work. Problems within the hiring process have existed […]

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What are Smart Contracts?

what is a smart contract

Often, smart contracts are depicted as being at the forefront of the current blockchain movement. The existence of smart contracts greatly legitimized blockchain technology, and their potential continues to resonate through discussions in the tech community. But what exactly are smart contracts? Smart contracts Put simply, a smart contract is a set of commands set […]

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How Blockchain Could Change the Way You Book Flights

blockchain and flights

In today’s landscape, companies and start-ups are in a constant race to be the first to adapt to emerging technologies. Adapting to new technology gives these entities an edge over markets that are often saturated with competitors. An emerging trend over the past few years has been the race to implement blockchain technology as a […]

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How Blockchain Could be Integrated in Smart Cities

blockchain and smart cities

We exist in an age of rapid technological developments that are constantly threatening to disrupt the world as we know it today. These developments take many forms, and their potential impact is simply too great for innovators and experts to ignore. Two forms of emerging technology with great promise are blockchain technology and a design […]

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How Blockchain Could Impact the Healthcare Industry

blockchain and healthcare industry

Blockchain technology’s inherent disruptive potential is embodied in its ability to serve the needs of many industries. When blockchain technology was first conceived, it served a very specific usage. Originally, blockchain was merely the supporting framework for Bitcoin, the world’s first cryptocurrency. Since then, however, blockchain has become significant as a form of technology that […]

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