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eXeBlock Technology Inc. (EXEB) is a designer of custom, state-of-the-art blockchain based software applications that provide profitable, secure and efficient solutions to businesses and markets globally. EXEB is headquartered inside a 64,000 sq./ft. nuclear bunker complex in Debert, Nova Scotia. 

The strength of our global economy depends on our ability to perform business transactions both around the world and within our local communities in a way that is secure, convenient and transparent for all associated parties. Blockchain decentralized technology has recently emerged as a viable alternative to traditional centralized transaction processing or “legacy systems” financial, legal or otherwise, and is rapidly gaining momentum towards disrupting and replacing many aspects of legacy systems in the coming years.

A tremendous opportunity now exists for blockchain based applications to capture a portion of the current multi-billion-dollar global marketplace. While blockchain technology could eventually disrupt and change entire financial and transaction verification industries, the current landscape is complex and there are still many layers between the underlying power of a platform and its usefulness as a product for the corporate or individual end user. The largest rewards of this relatively new technology will go to the those that can deliver business and consumer applications in the form of simplified, easy to use end products. Looking at today’s methods of transaction processing, there are three things that drive this industry: visibility, verification, and protection from abhorrent activity.


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